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The mission of OneTear Ministry is to reach kids who are victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect or domestic violence.... read more→

Safe Place

OneTear Ministry is a community free of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.... read more→

Teen Hope

A person consists of body, mind, and spirit. When abuse happens, the whole person is affected. The body has physical damage, the mind has psychological damage, and the spirit is broken.... read more→


    If you are being abused you should know:

        *It is not your fault

        *You do not deserve to be abused.

        *You are not to blame. 

        *No one has a right to hurt you.

        *God loves you, no matter what. 

        *You can never do anything to push God away - He is always with you.

        *Abusers lie and threaten kids to keep them quiet. 

        *There are people who care about you.

        *Make whatever excuse is necessary to not be alone with an abuser.

        *Listen to yourself when you feel something isn't right. 

        *If you are being abused, tell a safe person like a teacher, school nurse or counselor,

          neighbor, pastor, or non-offending parent; there are many adults who you can trust     

         If you are in immediate danger call 911

  Here are resources for you to find help, get information, or connect with a person who can help

  • childhelp.org   Offers educational information about child abuse or call them at 800-422-4453 to speak to a counselor. You can remain anonymous. They can answer questions and can give you local resources.
  • thehopeline.com  Email, chat, blog, free ebooks, other resources, or call them at 800-394-4673 to speak with a HopeCoach, available 24/7 by phone or chat.    You can remain anonymous.   Address many different problems teens face - not just abuse.
  • loveisrespect.org or call them at 866-331-9474 for advice or questions about dating relationships and dating violence. Or text loveis to 22522        

          40% of teens say they are, or know someone who is, in an abusive dating relationship.

  • txt4life.org  or text LIFE to 61222  if you are feeling suicidal or desperate and need someone to talk to. 
  • rainn.org   information on sexual abuse/sexual assault.  Live chat online with a trained support specialist or call 800-656-HOPE (4673) 
  • 1in6.or for males who have been sexually abused. Live chat individually or in a support group - anonymous and confidential.  Lots of helpful information for victims and everyone else too. 
  • godspeaks.com   answers questions about God and where He is in the midst of your pain. 


     The above resources have a lot of valuable information for adults too,  here are a few more resources for adults

  • childhelp.org   Learn more about child abuse and how you can help. Call 800-422-4453 to speak to a crisis counselor, ask questions about reporting abuse, find local resources, and get support for yourself or others.
  • darkness2light.org   Information, learning, and resources on child sexual abuse.

    "Which one of your friends or family members have experienced child sexual abuse?                                                                                                                                                                                 If you answered none, you need to think again."   
  • netgrace.org  "GRACE - Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment". Learn how child abuse affects the faith and spirituality of a child and the church.  If you are involved in a church you need to know the truth!
  • mn.gov/dhs (search Child Protection) Child Abuse information relavent to Minnesota and where to report abuse.
  • abusewatch.net    Information and Education on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.
  • 1in6.org  Forget the myths surrounding male sexual abuse - know the truth and help our wounded boys.